Vitamin ve Mineraller: Antioksidan, C ve A vitaminleri, manganez, kalsiyum, bromelain.
Kullanım alanları: Meyve olarak yiyebilir, suyunu kokteyllerinizde kullanabilirsiniz. Salatalara ve pastalara ekleyebilir; dekorasyon amaçlı kullanabilirsiniz.

Pineapple (Ananas comosus), from ananasgil (bromeliaceae) family with warm plants grown in the country and its fruit. Homeland is South America. The fruit is large, It is fragrant and delicious, a bunch of leaves are on. 1555 by Jean de Lery found in Brazil, and from there was taken to England, and then was raised in France. turkce with the name of pineapple or (lspanyolca to the ordinary p) in a glass kozalagryl Because of the manner of fruits are named after. Pineapple in 1938 as the first word lugat glass kaydedilmistir.kozalakl the presence of urea in the form of tree for my body and that of european travelers Here he looks like the fruit of the pineapple in the first bulduklann glass kozalag name who koymuslardir.ozam glass kozalag this step for the protection of the original are picked out.